Small and Larger Scale Hydro Excavation Operations

Badger Daylighting is proud to be the best hydro excavating company in the West Texas area. Our experienced staff and non-destructive hydrovac equipment means that our services are the most Read More

Safe and Specialized Hydro Excavation Applications

Of course, not every hydro excavation can be planned. Rain and floods can happen anytime and our crews can help you clean up the messes these disasters can create. Our Read More

Hydro excavation

Removal of Dangerous Material Using Hydro Excavation

Badger Daylighting of West Texas can also remove build-up accumulated within vessels used within the natural gas industry. This task includes the cleaning of items such as the molecular sieve, Read More

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Daylighting (or potholing)

Daylighting and potholing refer to the act of exposing underground utilities or infrastructure using a vacuum excavation process.

Piling Holes

Badger Daylighting of West Texas has the ability to dig piling holes full-depth or exploratory. Piling holes can be used in many applications including traffic signals, utility poles, sign posts, pilot holes, friction posts, footing piles, well monitoring, and pole removal.



Our trenching services include perimeter trenching, cable, drain or conduit installation and line repairs. Badger Daylighting of West Texas is also able to provide narrow slot trenching.


Utility Services

Badger Daylighting of West Texas provides utility pole piling holes and repairs for the utility industry.



Badger Daylighting of West Texas is able to accommodate many services for the transportation industry including trenching, daylighting for underground infrastructure, utility hole pilings and traffic signal or sign hole piling.


Hydro Blasting

Hydro Blasting is one of the best methods for industrial cleaning. Out hydro blasting technicians are well versed and qualified to work with your company to develop a solution for any and all of your needs. We provide hydro blasting services for many types of equipment including heat exchangers, vessels and tanks, pipe lines, sewer lines, and drainage systems. Our hydro blasting services can also be used for the removal of deposits or slag from all surfaces.

Badger Hydro Blasting

Power Station

Badger Daylighting of West Texas can provide remote excavation for power generation stations such as wind and solar farms, nuclear power plants and conventional gas generating stations. Our machinery is able to provide safe excavation up to 600’ from our unit to comply with areas that have less than optimal access.