3 Benefits Of Using Hydro Excavation

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Hydro excavation is one of the best and most effective ways of digging deep into the soil. It is a low-impact technique that generates the desired results with a minimal impact on the area around the dig. This is why more and more industries are turning to hydro excavation to accomplish tasks both large and small. When it comes to understanding the process, there are three primary benefits of which you should be aware.

Hydro excavation is a precise digging method

For starters, hydro excavation is among the most precise digging methods available. The process utilizes high-pressure water hoses and strong suction tools to collect the slurry that is created and deposits it within a holding tank. This focused stream of water and the quick removal of the material makes it easier to complete the dig to the desired depth. This process also reduces the impact of the machinery on the surface of the soil. This reduction of impact preserves the existing landscape and reduces the guesswork in determining precisely how deep the hole has been dug.

Hydro excavation is highly efficient

In addition to being highly precise, hydro excavating is highly efficient. In fact, hydro excavation can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to dig a traditional hole using a backhoe or other tools. The hoses require little space for operation so it can complete even the most complex of digging jobs without having to navigate heavy machinery around surface obstacles. This makes digging in tight, confined spaces a breeze. Simply unroll the hoses to begin then dig, then roll the hoses up when the digging is complete and the soil has been put back in place. It is quick, easy, and requires little effort on the part of the crew to accomplish.

Hydro excavation has a minimal impact on soil

The most important benefit of hydro excavation is that it has a minimal impact on the soil and the surrounding area. The stream of water can be carefully monitored and controlled. This control is key in reducing the damage of below surface structures such as utility lines and cisterns. In areas where you are unsure of what lies below, hydro excavation allows crews to set the stream so that whatever they discover will not be damaged. This can reduce the possibility and costs associated with utility disruptions and damage to customer property.

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