3 Tips For Finding The Best Hydro Excavation Company

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Hydro excavation

Not that long ago, the majority of highway, transmission, and utility companies were unaware of the benefits of hydro excavation. Many industries have now realized how this excavation method can save them thousands in repair and labor costs. The number of hydro excavation companies has increased, but that does not mean every company has the equipment and expertise to do the job right. Here are some tips for finding the right hydro excavation company for your needs.

Don’t simply choose the lowest bid

Professional hydro excavation is more comprehensive than older methods of excavation, such as using a backhoe or having a crew dig. Hydro excavation is a more precise method that works while ensuring worker safety and reducing the chance of damage to underground utilities. You will need to hire a company that has a hydro excavator, which can increase the price of the bids you receive. Be aware that some people will bid low and use a water blaster, sewer jetter, or vacuum truck with a pressure washer instead of a hydro excavator.

Ask about safety

Every hydro excavation company will say they care about safety, but they should have a proven track record of following through with safety protocols. Make sure the company you choose does not sacrifice safety to meet a deadline. Ask the company about their safety training and check their record through places like OSHA or EMR.

Place a premium on experience

You need to hire the most efficient and experienced crew to get the best deal on your hydro excavation job. Many companies will offer a bid that breaks down the work into hourly rates, but there is a more important calculation. This figure is the hourly cost to move a cubic yard of soil. For example, say a company bids $200 for each hour and they can move about a single cubic yard in that hour. Another company may bid $250 per hour, but they are able to move twice as much in the same time. In this case, the second company would be a better deal.

You can save money by paying more per hour if you get more productivity in that hour. To determine the efficiency of a company, ask previous customers for references. You can also request the hydro excavation company to include references in their bid.

Badger Daylighting offers expert hydro excavation at affordable prices

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