6 Digging Jobs Best Done With Hydro Excavation

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

hydro excavation in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas

Hydro excavation is one of the fastest and most cost-effective excavation methods. Hydro excavation decreases the time it takes to conduct repairs on pipelines and minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding structures and landscaping. This digging method is great for slot trenching, repairing utilities, removing debris, cutting through frozen ground, remote digging jobs, and cleaning sewer lines.

Slot trenching

Pipes, cables, and utilities require slot trenches that are well-defined and uniform in shape. When digging in developed areas, hydro excavation provides a fast and efficient way of trenching that doesn’t destroy the surrounding landscape. Hydro excavation equipment is designed to perform slot trenching without having to remove excess soil or pavement. This alleviates excess work and makes clean-up much easier for a digging crew.

Repairing utilities

Utility lines can break anytime and anywhere. When these lines need service, the objective is to conduct the repairs without exposing the rest of the lines to damage. Sometimes called potholing or daylighting, repairing utilities via hydro excavation is a safe and efficient digging method that cities and municipalities can rely on.

Removing debris

Hydro excavation is ideal for cleaning catch basins, sumps, soil spills, old barns, and more. The spray is easy to control and presents a negligible risk of damage to structures. Hydro excavation is more efficient than mechanical excavation as well. When the digging is done, all you have to do is sit back and let the area dry before it is ready for use again.

Cutting through frozen ground

Frozen ground can tear up teeth and cause significant damage to mechanical excavators. This type of damage does not happen with hydro excavators, which rely on the power of water pressure to cut through frozen soil. The water and debris generated by the hydro excavating process are vacuumed up, preventing excess ice from developing during the process.

Remote digging

It is sometimes necessary to dig in areas where it is not possible to use backhoes or other mechanical excavators. However, hydro excavation equipment can be set up considerable distances away from the actual dig site. This practice makes it possible to dig in areas where other tools simply cannot reach, minimizing damage to property and reducing planning and preparation time

Cleaning sewer lines

Sewer lines can become clogged for a number of reasons. Clearing a clog with a hydro excavator is a fast, effective method of getting water flowing again. Precise and easy to control, jets of water can blow debris out of the way so that the lines function exactly as they are designed.

The benefits of hydro excavation

Safety is one of the primary benefits of hydro excavation. The process allows for the fast removal of large quantities of soil without risking damage to persons or property. Unlike mechanical diggers, hydro excavators use only water and vacuums to complete each task. This reduces the risks of crushing accidents and damage to structures.

Hydro excavation is also highly affordable and significantly reduces the time required for set-up, operation, and clean-up. These benefits mean lower labor costs and reduced downtime for your operations. Finally, because hydro excavation is a minimally invasive digging method, there is a considerably reduced risk of damage to underground pipes, cables, and sewers. The machinery is light and easy to control, which means that the risk of causing further problems that will need future repairs is low.

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