Removal of Dangerous Material Using Hydro Excavation

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Hydro excavation

Badger Daylighting of West Texas can also remove build-up accumulated within vessels used within the natural gas industry. This task includes the cleaning of items such as the molecular sieve, sulfur, and other materials. These materials can be found in a wide variety of processing facilities and tanks including those used for fracking.

Our hydro excavating equipment can be used to clean the cooling towers situated within small or large plants, or for cleaning chemical transfer and storage tanks. Thus, our equipment is ideal for safe and effective cleanup of material that can easily damage a site or lead to expensive spills and cleanup operations. This process is an environmentally friendly option that can quickly remove frac sand, concrete, petroleum products, or other environmental hazards. We can also dispose of these removed materials appropriately without leaving anything left in the ground.

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