What Is Hydro Excavation?

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

hydro excavation in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas

Hydro excavation is the act of moving or removing debris with pressurized water. The hydro excavation process utilizes a vacuum to move the soil to a tank that is set apart for the debris. This process is a non-destructive and accurate solution for excavating soil and locating underground utilities. The popularity of this service began with the oil and gas industries in Canada. Contractors saw the efficiency of the process, as the frozen soil in Canada is difficult to excavate using traditional methods. Now this popular method of excavation is regularly used throughout North America. Read on to learn about the basic applications, benefits, and processes of hydro excavation.

How hydro excavation works

The high-pressure water and air vacuum used for hydro excavation cuts through soil and breaks it up. The vacuum lifts the debris from the area and transfers it to a holding tank. Hydro excavation equipment needs a vacuum source, which comes in one of two ways: a fan system or a positive displacement blower.

The fan system moves air in large amounts, allowing for faster excavations. Fan systems are often easier to operate and they are less expensive than displacement blowers. Systems utilizing a positive displacement blower are able to move air in longer distances. Although this vacuum source takes longer, it can be used at greater depths.

The need for hydro excavation

Subsurface utilities are often required for construction. Excavation is needed to lay these utilities and it is not always an easy job. Hydro excavation has lessened the risks and headaches associated with other methods of excavation. This process can be used for several excavation applications including line, sign, and pole installation. Hydro excavation is also used for potholing or daylighting. Hydro excavation can additionally be used for sewer and pipe rehabilitation.

The benefits of hydro excavation

Hydro excavation provides a number of benefits in many different industries. The efficiency and accurate results obtained by this service process has made it the preferred method of digging. The process provides better damage and safety control when compared with mechanical methods. Accidents and injuries for workers are also limited due to the accuracy of the process.

Utilizing hydro excavation allows you to avoid damaging underground pipes, cables, and lines. In this way, the expense of repairs and restoration is eliminated. Needing to do repairs costs time, resources, and money. By using hydro excavation, you can quickly get the job done right and minimize these expenses.

Hydro excavation services in Amarillo, TX

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